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How to Become a Model: Warnings

How to Become a Model: Warnings

In the fast evolving world that we live in, modeling is one of the many professions that is constantly the hub of the media’s attention. The career itself is often portrayed to the masses as an extremely glamorous career where the fun part is that you get to wear nice clothes, wear fancy shoes and meet all the famous people of the world that normal people can’t even get close to. Though most of that is true, people don’t understand the amount of efforts models put in their careers to take to the next levels and there are a lot that they sacrifice to get there. This begs the question: if you are a beginner model, what challenges do you face in the face of success and fame?

When you are only putting your foot in this career for the first time what you need most is to be the center of attention of someone that recognizes talent and knows what to do with it, whether it is an individual that does it or a modeling agency. This kind of talent doesn’t require you to go to school to learn it, either you have it or you don’t. What you do need is a portfolio that says it all for you.

When you are attractive, tall as well as skinny too the first ever dream of a career you have is modeling, whether you conjured it up on your own or your loved ones suggested the profession to you. It is a rather difficult road to success, we must say but not an impossible one.

When you are a newbie the things that you start your career with are photoshoots and runways which is how you get discovered by the “big fish” of the modeling industry. This of course means that you have to make your work your number one priority which can often leave little to no time for your family and friends and that is only just the beginning of the career for you. Though this can sadden you to an extent, we can assure you that your dominating emotion will still be the excitement of doing new and exciting projects.

Following are a list of warnings for you to keep in mind.

The Reality of the Lifestyles of Models
We know that you assume this life to be glamourous right off the bat but the reality is much different and often disappointed. When you are a beginner you are often short on funds which can lead you to finding residence in what is called a very crowded “model apartment” where you live with other aspiring models who can’t afford apartments for themselves. Usually the person that lives with you in this home is an older much more experienced woman or man that is responsible for booking jobs for you and although this can be a sweet and comfortable arrangement to begin it, it doesn’t take it very long to turn into a nightmare. We must warn you that not all the people in this industry are as nice as they seem, most people expect you to do indecent activities with them such as sexual acts or drugs in order for them to give you your big break. For some models this is an ideal situation but that doesn’t mean it is morally acceptable. This does make it by definition prostitution.


Creepy Photographers are Common in this Profession
Photographers are no saints and can often prove to be quite dangerous for new models. If a photographer becomes rather interested in taking just your photos or try to get close to you in an unhealthy way then you know that that is your cue to get as far away from him as possible. Stories like these, if they catch the attention of the media which they often do because “sex sells” your career as a model will be over for good. It doesn’t matter what kind of financial background you belong to, if you have natural talent then all you have to do is flaunt it without having to bare yourself for sexual favors and fame itself will follow your lead.

The Compromises
This profession takes a toll on you both mentally, emotionally and physically. The media constantly pits one model against another and even though they are both equally successful, it angers them enough to want to one-up the other in the form of unhealthy competition which ruins them both mentally. What the media gets out of it is entertainment which is its sole reason for starting this war in the first place. This type of stress has led to many well-known models out there to be bulimic and anorexic. It is quite easy for models to resort to depression and anxiety because their schedules need them to always look better than everyone else despite how little rest and sleep they have gotten the night before. We understand how unhealthy this can be but there is literally nothing we can do to prevent it except hope for models to carefully monitor their diet and fitness plans to incorporate everything without really missing anything.

Not All That Glitters is Gold
Nothing is as glamorous as it seems. Though it might feel like modeling is all about the fancy perks you get, when you are backstage of a runway, things can get so intense and crowded that models have been known to throw up or faint. It’s not all about looking like a Barbie doll, what is important is how strong are you and how skilled you are at handling crowd like that with ease without breaking a sweat or losing your calm.

The Perfect Girl
It’s quite known to everyone in this line of business that fashion is often known to be a world of illusion. Models lose weight and become as skinny as they can to look like the idea of “the perfect girl” that people instill into the minds of people. But are the sacrifices really worth it? This world is enchanting which means that once you are under its spell, it is hard to break free. Once you know what it feels like to be a model, you will keep wanting more and want success beyond your or anyone you know’s wildest imagination.

The Assumptions
When a person looks at the models on runways or fashion shoots he assume a lot of things. They assume that it is an effortless profession with more pros than cons but what he doesn’t realize that it is one of the toughest professions out there because of the competition that is involved in it.

It is an intense life which you know even if you are a beginner. Before you get into it for the long haul you need to ask yourself if the pros outweigh the cons for you. There are difficulties in every career but that doesn’t mean that they should back you down from a fight. We wish you all the luck in the world.

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